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A little about what we do

The 21st century confronts us with new realities that can affect the well being of our home and our family. A very busy schedule, very young children, much bigger living spaces, ever increasing insecurity, are several reasons why Happy Home came into being.

In Africa the demand to respond to these new modern realities necessitates qualified, trained, but also motivated house staffs which are aware and opened to the modernity of our time.

Is there a cost for the safety of your little ones? Is eating well and having a balance diet important to you and your family? Do you understand that your living space also need some TLC? If you answered Yes or No to these questions, you are at the right place and Happy Home would like to welcome you to our joyful space, hoping to guide you in your search for a qualified, vetted and well trained staff you can trust. Please visit our lovely staff profiles.


Not only do we offer qualified and trained staff from recognized institutions and partners around the world, but we will also ensure that your little loves are in good hands.


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The search for a qualified nanny has never been easy in our difficult socio-economic environment. At Happy Home we take away the stresses and difficulities associated with this and provide pre-vetted and trusted staff to provide you ultimate peace of mind.


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Mens sana in corpore sano! This popular proverb simply means a healthy mind in a healthy body! At Happy Home we believe that cooking is an art, but we are even more convinced that eating well and having a balanced diet is a greater one.


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At Happy Home, we were once kids, loving to play and frolicking in a beautiful garden. These men and women who love the earth and botany are dedicated to building and maintaining your Garden of Eden up to heavenly standards. Just enjoy this happiness with our artists.


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According to research around the world, it has been proven that household chores are the most hated by all. Our housekeepers are passionate and professional, qualified with solid training, vetted by us and the police services.


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Our pledge to you...

"Never again a child will be abused by the very people you trust to care for them, never again a child will be neglected, never again a child will be badly loved, but also, never again a staff will be abused by the employer!"

If you believe in this pledge, please help us to make it a reality, the change begins today with Happy Home.

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